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It is approached through the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian An Men). Immediately to the north of the Palace Museum is Prospect Hill, while on the east。



原话是什么,直译肯定不是你想要的意思。我只知道“Right out of the gate” 的意思是 “right from the start”, “from the very beginning”,从头开始,从底层做起的含义。最早用于赛马比赛——因为马不会像人一样站在起跑线前不跑,所以要用门挡上...

Artist: Secret Garden Song: Gates Of Dawn The wheels of life keep turning. Spinning without control; The wheels of the heart keep yearning. For the sound of the singing soul. And nights are full with weeping. For sins of the pa...


楼主,你好 the gate of school=the school’s gate(你应该是想说It is the gate of school’s在这里It is the gate和 of school’s是区分开的) 望采纳!

我觉得是 eastern gate

This sign tells us the exit for the gate of the cinema. 选B。 Is this the exit for central park? 这是中央公园的出口吗?

这两种说法都对 但是第一个短语最好改为the gate of the school 也可以表达为the school gate 第二个短语可以表达为:the opinion of Jane's是一种双重所有格的表达方式; 也可表达为:Jane's opinion of短语有许多种用法, 第一个短语中of表示...


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