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Hi Kaz An interesting point. Last week I had to go to our local A&E because I fell down on Monday and, it appears, I've fractured my pelvis (fracture of both left pubic rami). I should have gone on Monday when it happened, but ...

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A 试题分析:考查固定词组,taken to意思“开始从事”,slid into意思“滑入”,submitted to意思“屈服”,broken into意思“闯入”,前面有助动词has,所以用过去分词形式,句子意思“Mr.HoffTman60多岁了,最近在周末已经开始从事打高尔夫球,有助于...

With the percentage of people over aged 65 expected to nearly double by 2050 这是从句,后面 还有一个主句。 with引导的从句表示一种伴随状态,有点“基于...情况”的意思。不能用as代替,as表示因果关系。 going against意思是 违背,不符...

60---63 CBDB 略

答案B running是现在分词作方式状语;不定式作结果状语时,表示结果出乎主语的意料之外,尤其是和only连用时。

a middle-aged lady 一位中年女士 Debbie and Simon looked up as the door opened and a middle-aged, well dressed lady entered. 黛比和赛蒙抬头看到一个穿着考究的中年女士推门进来。

Recent years have seen a tendency that more and more aged people prefer living alone. In the past, aged people would like to live with their...


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