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i CArE For you 什么意思

英文原句:I care for you. 中文翻译:我关心你,我在乎你 拓展:care for与care about区别 1、Care for (1)like;=be fond of 喜爱 =be willing to do sth=wish to do sth= like to do sth(常用于否定句及疑问句,尤其与would连用更常见) 1)S...

I care for you 的意思: 我很在乎你 ; 我关心着你 ; 我很紧张你。 例句 Cast all your anxieties on ME, because I care for you.把你所有的忧虑都交给我,因为我看顾你。 Caro,I care for you a lot.I didn't realize it until last week.卡罗,...

I care for you 是我喜欢你的意思。。。。 而I care about you 则是我在乎你的意思。。。。

语法错了. 应该是I care for you 和 i care about you. 两个都是我关心你.只是说法不一样而已,意思都是一样的. 不过第二句也可以理解为我在乎你.

ray lamontagne - i still care for you lrc by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang hear me out day follows day light turns to clay in my hands how to explain, so pristine the pain it was kindness made the cut so clean i still care for yo...

live on vi. 以...为食;靠...生活 我依赖你的双臂,因为我喜欢你

我会关心你照顾你。 和care about 是有区别的。 care for 表示用心的去照顾。 care about只是关心。 望采纳

是 The Weeknd的《Earned It》吗? “'cause I hate when the moment's expected So I'ma care for you, you, you”

You are the one I care for most 你是我最关心(在意)的人 双语对照 例句: 1. Are you the one I am looking for? 你就是我在找的人吗? 2. One evening I take care of the one who looked worse. 一天晚上,我细心照料一个病得很重的人

你写错了,应该是: I am crazy for you,waiting for you!我为你疯狂,等你!


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