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fade 女声版的应该叫sing to sleep

《big big world》

Sing You To Sleep - Matt Cab Baby take off your coat Tell me all about your day And if you feel a little stressed I can take the pain away If there's something that you're down about Let me be your confident I'll be the perfect...

Fire fly?

Anything Could Happen (White Sea Remix) - Ellie Goulding Stripped to the waist We fall into the river Cover your eyes So you don't know the secret I've been trying to hide We held our breath To see our names are written Anyth...

fabulous fack——eminem faint——linkin park falco——shimatani hitomi fallin out——keyshia cole fantasy——mariah carey fields of gole——emi fujita figure.09——linkin park find a way——J-five find the way——nakashima mika firefly——A-teens ...

猜的 是不是french montana唱的diamonds? LL听下是不是

far away from home ?

应该是A-TEENS的FIREFLY吧。另外推荐他们的2首歌 upside down 和 floorfiller 一下是FIREFLY的歌词~ [00:17.85]When I said go I never meant away当我说离开时我从不打算离开 [00:24.00]You ought to know the freaky games we play你应该知道...


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