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La La La-Shakira 2014年世界杯的闭幕曲之一。 La La La-Sam Smith,Naughty Boy 《La La La》 制作人:Naughty Boy 歌手:Sam Smith 这首歌是Naughty Boy首张专辑《Hotel Cabana》中的第二首歌,2013年5月17日发行。曾登UK榜榜首。 这两首都很...

Cash Cash - Party In Your Bedroom0: LRC:妙一法师 There's a party in your bedroom all night long There's a lot of talk about you Cause there's a party in your bedroom all night long Pretty girl, it's your show, Let it go, when y...

(Lil Wayne - Chorus) Now I got money on money, and b-tches on b-tches Bring my chopper to the office, let it handle all my bidness I got money on my mind, and I'm thinking all day Keep a bad b-tch to f-ck me when I had a long d...

Traveling Light 播放 歌手:Joel Hanson 语言:英语 所属专辑:What If It Is

是不是这个哦 bow bow bow ?

shape of you-ed sheeran

不知道是不是一首快歌呢?你听听看这个,她里面唱的是I am a super girl,发音有点相似,不知道是不是你要找的...歌手名:ellinor专辑名:super girlellinor-super girl

应该是rihanna的歌 以前听过 pour it up 帮你去听了下 应该是这个

Love the way you lie-Rihanna I knew you were trouble-Taylor Swift I wish you would-Taylor-Swift I know you want me-Pitbull Wish you were here-Avril Lavigne 真心难找啊我的天!定语从句倒是不少,然而你要宾语

With You - Arden Cho I wanna hear you say you love me 我想听你说你爱我 that you just can't live without me 你的生活不能没有我 even if you have to lie 即使你不得不撒谎 I just wanna hear you say 我也想想听你说 I wanna be the one ...


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