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不晓得你说的带劲的是什么意思呢。。但是我喜欢的T开头的英文歌有方大同的take me,katy perry 的teenage dream,dido的thank you,lenka 的the show 和 trouble is a friend,tonya mitchell的turn around,suzanne vega的 tom's dinner,savage gar...

歌名:undress rehearsal。好不容易找到的,第一时间跟大家分享

Lenka - trouble is a friend

娃 trouble is firend 和the end这两首歌挺不错喔

从左到右:金泰妍、Tiffany、徐贤 少女时代三人小分队TTS的新歌Twinkle 金泰妍,韩国女子团体少女时代的队长兼第一主唱。2007年8月以少女时代组合出道,凭借优秀的唱歌实力可爱的外貌和特有的亲和力,拥有较高的人气。

trouble??是吗?neon jungle的?

What would i ever

Inez - Stronger once again I’m longing for your hungry touch picturing you on me I am missing you so much you turn on my imagination though you’re far away and in my fantasy you crave my body I need you back to stay I’ve got my...

Heartbeat - Paris Hilton I was lonely only I didn't know it I was so sad only I didn't show it You came like the sun breaking through the clouds And I found your what I can't live without You will feel what's up ahead from my h...

Is it alright if I'm with you for the night? Hope you don't mind, if you stay by my side We can drive in your car somewhere into the dark, Pull over and watch the stars We can dance, we can sing, do whatever you think As long a...


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