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求一首英文歌名 T字母开头 3个单词组成歌名

是 Trouble Is A Friend 吗?? 别碰我 即时知道要见面 i miss you 、 还有 黑蝙蝠中队 英文版的 韩文版的 都好听的 呵呵 听了一定喜欢的 (*^__^*) 嘻嘻…… 绝对好听的 歌不在多 多 你也听不过来,给几首经典的 听听就知道了 一定会喜欢上的 呵呵

我知道我知道 应该是Try 名扬四海的主题曲 很好听诶 就算不是也去听下

the saltwater room

You’re Not Alone - Owl City,Britt Nicole Some days I barely hold on When life drags me down I wanna let go But when my spirit is weak You come to my aid And strengthen my soul I'm lost without You I'll never doubt You Your grac...

trouble??是吗?neon jungle的?

Jason DeRulo - Trumpets Sak Noel/Sean Paul/Salvi - Trumpets

Overdrive - Ola I wanna seize the day Like it's the greatest thing that ever happened I'm gonna shift my gears And leave before I'm caught up in the traffic Don't wanna hit the wall like a lumberjack Gonna crank it up like a ma...

不晓得你说的带劲的是什么意思呢。。但是我喜欢的T开头的英文歌有方大同的take me,katy perry 的teenage dream,dido的thank you,lenka 的the show 和 trouble is a friend,tonya mitchell的turn around,suzanne vega的 tom's dinner,savage gar...

Skin - Sixx A.M. Paint yourself a picture Of what you wish you looked like Maybe then they just might Feel an ounce of your pain Come into focus Step out of the shadows It's a losing battle There's no need to be ashamed 'Cause ...



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